At Dr. Stanley Cochrane Memorial Kindergarten we take pride in providing a learning environment that is warm, inviting, stimulating and one which fosters a sense of belonging not only to children but also their families. The success of our kinder program is reliant on positive relationships between parents and educators.

Our educators support one another through open communication and respect, celebrating the strengths of one another. In their interactions with children, educators also respect the views and feelings of each child and provide positive reinforcement, encouragement and guidance.

We have high expectations for all learners and believe children have the ability to contribute to and construct their own learning experiences. Children’s agency is promoted by prioritising each child’s voice within the program.

We are a place of learners, amongst educators and children alike, valuing and encouraging the journey of personal growth. Critical reflection plays a vital role in our growth as a kindergarten.

Nurturing community-orientated and socially-minded children who have a growing understanding of their holistic environment is something we continually strive towards.

We promote children’s well-being and celebrate their diversity. Each child and their family are unique, and it is our pleasure to celebrate, respect and value this.

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people, the traditional owners of the land and waterways. Together we learn to care for the earth, the creatures and one another.

You are encouraged to read more about the Victoria Early Years Learning and Development Framework at: