Parental Involvement

Parents have always been encouraged to be involved in kindergartens. Without doubt, kindergartens could not function without parent’s participation; nor could they provide care and education for young children.

Traditionally, parent involvement has meant helping during session time, attending working bees and fundraising. While these roles are no less important today, parent involvement is more important than ever before.

The rewards of parent involvement should not be overlooked or underestimated; they are many and varied, including enjoyment and benefits to the children, staff and parents

Parents can become involved with the children in the program by:

  • Playing a musical instrument for movement/singing groups
  • Reading to individual and small groups
  • Supervising an activity (e.g. cooking)
  • Assisting with a range of activities and learning experiences
  • Attending excursions
  • Sharing cultural backgrounds

Parents can become involved with assisting the staff by:

  • Preparing materials (paper, paints, etc)
  • Covering books
  • Cataloguing books for the children
  • Saving waste materials suitable for the children’s activities

Contributions in these areas are always welcome and appreciated. Everyone benefits!

Anyone who has the privilege of being involved in a kindergarten, to a large or small degree, will realise parent involvement and continued support is crucial.