About us


At Dr. Stanley Cochrane Memorial Kindergarten we take pride in providing a learning environment that is warm, inviting, stimulating and one which fosters a sense of belonging not only to children but also their families. The success of our kinder programme is reliant on positive relationships between parents and educators.

Our educators support one another through open communication and respect, celebrating the strengths of one another. In their interactions with children, educators also respect the views and feelings of each child and provide positive reinforcement, encouragement and guidance.

We have high expectations for all learners and believe children have the ability to contribute to and construct their own learning experiences. Children’s agency is promoted by prioritising each child’s voice within the program.

We are a place of learners, amongst educators and children alike, valuing and encouraging the journey of personal growth. Critical reflection plays a vital role in our growth as a kindergarten.

Nurturing community-orientated and socially-minded children who have a growing understanding of their holistic environment is something we continually strive towards.

We promote children’s wellbeing and celebrate their diversity. Each child and their family are unique, and it is our pleasure to celebrate, respect and value this.

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people, the traditional owners of the land and waterways. Together we learn to care for the earth, the creatures and one another.

You are encouraged to read more about the Victoria Early Years Learning and Development Framework at: www.education.vic.gov.au/earlylearning.

Our Kindergarten

Dr Stanley Cochrane Memorial Kindergarten is situated within the leafy suburb of Mitcham. With an architecturally designed, purpose built building set amongst a natural landscape of gumtrees. We offer a generous size play area taking advantage of the natural environment and incorporating a variety of play equipment and structures to facilitate free play for the children.

In a stress-free, happy, caring and safe environment, children are provided, via a carefully planned program, with opportunities to:

  • Develop their self esteem
  • Develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, respecting the rights of others, respecting property, listening when someone else is talking and self-control.
  • Develop fine and large motor skills
  • Discover the world around them – people in the community, nature and people from other lands
  • Develop their imagination and creativity
  • Express their ideas through art, music, movement and language
  • Become self-motivated
  • Gain effective communication skills
  • Develop problem solving techniques to questions and be curious

The Education Programme

Our kindergarten respects, values and is informed by the Victorian Early Years Development Framework. This framework helps to shape the educational programme offered to your children. When planning and implementing it, our objective is to work towards achieving each of the five “Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes” which are represented in the Framework.
These outcomes guide how we help children to:

  • develop a strong sense of identity
  • connect with and contribute to their world
  • have a strong sense of physical and emotional well-being
  • become confident learners
  • become effective communicators


In August 1948 the Mitcham Free Kindergarten Auxiliary was formed with a view to establishing a kindergarten in Mitcham. Over the next seven years much work was done in locating the site and fundraising to establish the kinder. The building sub-committee was formed in August 1955. The building was designed free of charge by architect R (Bob) J Rolfe and constructed by M E McQuade. It is proudly noted by Mrs Jess Brown (formerly Rayson), a longstanding and current Mitcham resident and inaugural Kinder Secretary, that the kinder opened debt free.

The Dr Stanley Cochrane Memorial Free Kindergarten commenced on 13 February 1957 with 50 children (30 in the morning and 20 in the afternoon). Mrs Pritchard was Directress. Dr Barbara Meredith BA MB BS, Director of Maternal, Infant and Pre-School Welfare, with the Department of Health, officially opened the kinder on Saturday 11 October 1958.

Dr Stanley Cochrane, for whom the kinder is memorialised, was one of Mitcham’s first family doctors. Dr Cochrane and his wife, a nursing sister, bought a big home from Dr Francis John Drake, on the corner of McDowall and Harrison Streets (now the site of the Mitcham RSL), and turned it into a private hospital. The property at 331 – 335 Mitcham Road was also owned by Dr Cochrane on which he built a home, incorporating a surgery, in about 1929. The property remained a medical practice for many years. Dr Cochrane and his wife had no children of their own, but he is remembered as a wonderful doctor who often cycled to visit his patient’s in their homes. He also worked tirelessly for returned soldiers in many capacities. He died in 1950.

We were delighted to officially open our newly renovated building in 2016 where we doubled the size of the kindergarten. We were able to provide a lovely meeting space for families, new toilet facilities and locker area. At the same time we freshly painted our playroom, replaced all the flooring and landscaped our yard, adding a sensory garden, basketball ring and large boat that the children love using for story time! We are constantly reviewing the needs of the children and regularly updating equipment and resources. In 2021 we renovated our playground to include a new all abilities access playground.


Dr Stanley Cochrane Memorial Kindergarten operates and is guided by the policies listed below. Should you wish to obtain a copy of any of these policies please contact a member of the executive committee.

  • Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy
  • Administration of First Aid Policy
  • Administration of Medication Policy
  • Anaphylaxis Policy
  • Asthma Policy
  • Child Safe Environment Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Complaints and Grievances Policy
  • Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy
  • Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy
  • Delivery and Collection of Children Policy
  • Determining Responsible Person Policy
  • Diabetes Policy
  • Emergency and Evacuation Policy
  • Enrolment & Orientation Policy
  • Epilepsy Policy
  • Environment and Sustainability Policy
  • Excursions and Service Events
  • Fees Policy
  • Food Safety Policy
  • Governance and Management
  • Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness
  • Inclusion and Equity Policy
  • Interactions with Children Policy
  • Nutrition and Active Play
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Privacy & Confidentiality Policy
  • Staffing Policy
  • Sun Protection Policy
  • Water Safety Policy