My child will be attending kindergarten at DSCMK. What should I pack in their bag?

Please pack a change of weather appropriate clothes i.e pants, t-shirt and underwear, a drink bottle, a fruit snack and lunch. 

How do I access information regarding what is happening at kindergarten in general?

Information about the kinder program i.e upcoming activities, incursions, excursions can be found in your child’s individual information pocket.  If you need help to locate your child’s information pocket please ask your teacher.  There is also a monthly newsletter distributed via email during term.  From time to time teachers and the committee may send out information to you via email. If you have an Facebook account you can like our page ‘Dr Stanley Cochrane Memorial Kindergarten‘ or follow us on Instagram ‘Dr Stanley Kinder‘ for up-to-date information on social gatherings, working bees and more.

Do I send my child’s enrolment form directly to the kindergarten?

No, please send your child’s enrolment form directly to WPSA – Whitehorse Pre School Association more information can be found under the enrolments section of this website or on WPSA website www.wpsa.com.au.