Message from our President

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Kindergarten’s website. Choosing a kindergarten is an important decision. The current committee of management understands this as we have all been in your shoes. Why did we choose this kindergarten? There are many reasons.

DSCMK was established in 1957, the local community gathered together and saw a need and the local community spirit continues to thrive. The committee is managed by local community members who are parents. The teachers have a connection to the local community too and all live locally. Even with the constant growth in this busy eastern suburb, we still manage to be surrounded by gum trees and we have a beautiful playground and open space for the children. We pride ourselves on contributing back to our local environment including teaching the children to grow vegetables and herbs in a water efficient garden bed. We strongly believe that encouraging children to respect their environment puts them in good stead for their future.

We take pride in our approach to learning and we have many years of experience in our teaching staff.

It is important for children to experience new opportunities inside and outside the kindergarten and we provide these through the living eggs program, reptile farm visits and excursions to our neighbouring school and the local theatre.

Everyone is welcome at DSCMK and we look forward to welcoming you and your family to this wonderful community.

Please get in contact to arrange a time to visit our kindergarten for a private tour. Or please pop in during our Open Day in May where we open our doors for a fun morning of craft activities, outdoor play and where you will get a chance to meet our dedicated teachers, members of our committee and current parents.

Kylie Walsh
DSCMK 2023 President